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See Your Business "Real"

Are you sick of the ordinary, weary of the average, and tired of the same old sweeping generalizations and abstract concepts from the business consultants and so-called experts? No matter if you're in business-to-business or business-to-consumer, there is a customized program that will show you how you can optimize the talent and strengths you already possess to generate new revenue for your organization.

Presentations are tailored by:

  • Researching the key issues of your organization
  • Determining how success will be measured
  • Providing the experience relevant to the desired outcome

Through entertaining keynote speeches and informative seminars, your organization will benefit from his solid business experience that spans three decades in industrial sales, distribution management, and corporate training.

"You told us how to exceed our customers' expectations and you practiced what you preached. You exceeded our expectations."
- Bruce Walker, Owner, Lengefeld Lumber

These content-rich educational presentations are designed with one objective: to help you meet your objectives.

Sample keynotes and/or seminars:

Selling: The Next Generation

"Face it. Most of your customers can recognize every closing technique Zippy-the-sales-trainer ever devised. We're grasping hungrily to deal with people who care and are real."
- New York Times and Wall Street Journal Best-Selling author, Roy H. Williams

If you're looking for strategies based on the latest closing techniques and manipulative tactics, then this isn't the program for you. But, if you're ready to use your natural talents to discover your unique, authentic selling style, then this is the presentation you've been looking for.

Selling: The Next Generation will show you how to:

  • Understand the secret language of your customer.
  • Sell with purpose and passion.
  • Transform your prospects into customer advocates.
  • Identify your USP (Unique Selling Persona).

You will take away a new respect for your profession, a new understanding of your business, and a new appreciation for the people you serve. You will learn a sales system built around your core values and the principles of your prospects and clients.

Secrets to Crafting a Compelling Customer Experience

Are you still telling your customers you offer the best price, service, and quality? Well, stop wasting your breath, because all they hear is "blah, blah, and blah!" People have discovered that they can find the best price, service, and quality without ever leaving the comfort of their pajamas. So what can you offer that they can't get online? The answer lies in the Personal Experience Factor and how well yours measures up will determine the degree of your success in the future of your business.
Today's savvy and over-entertained consumer expects an enjoyable experience when they enter the world inside your doors.

This program will show you how to:

  • Design a PEF that is unique to your business.
  • Build a referral base of customer advocates.
  • Set the stage that makes your customer eager to buy from you.

Drawing from his real-world experiences, turning a struggling electrical wholesale business into a million dollar a month operation, Mike will show you how to create a buying environment so inviting that it will say to your customer, "Prepare to be amazed!"

Too Much Fun: Creating a Great Workplace

Think about it: More than eighty percent of the working population are dissatisfied with their current jobs. The use of antidepressants is at an all time high. We are living in extremely turbulent times, with stock markets ricocheting and corporations crumbling. At times it seems like everything is cart-wheeling out of control. Mike will show you that it doesn't have to be that way. It's all a matter of choice.

This program will show you how to:

  • Lighten up the workplace and improve your bottom line.
  • Maximize employee productivity by discovering their strengths.
  • Build a workplace of "internal customers."
  • Improve employee retention

This program will uncover ways to improve employee morale and retention by creating a working environment that is both fun and productive. Are you ready to start living up to your true potential? Mike Dandridge is ready to show you how!

Need help deciding?

All of Mike's keynote presentations may sound good to you. Maybe only one of them does. Either way, the best way to taylor a presentaton to your specifications is to start a conversation with Mike.

Mike will never pressure you to make a decision and will ask a lot of questions to find the best solution for you based on your needs and your budget.

Read what others have to say about Mike or watch his online video introduction to get a better feel for who and what you're paying for.