Client Comments

What they're saying about Mike Dandridge...

"Your speech at the executive managers meeting in Orlando really blew us away. You were right on the mark!"
- Tim Copeland, V.P. Rexel, Inc.

"I attended your keynote last night and read your book (The Divine Spark) this morning. My dream has caught fire again and I may not have enough excuses left to put it out."
- Paul Bolton, M.D.

"Michael's challenges might lead you to a life so exiting you will wonder what hit you! Even your friends will notice a difference!"
- Florence Littauer, author of Personality Plus

"Mike has powerful insights. It is obvious he walks his talk and he delivers it magnificently."
- Perry Arledge, Perry Productions

"In his book, Mike Dandridge shows you how to attain the success and satisfaction you've always dreamed about."
- Jeff Keller, author of Attitude is Everything (opens in new window)

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With Mike's real-world experiences and desire to help the underdog face Goliath, it's a wonder why you would not want to hire Mike. If you're ready to start a conversation, give him a call or send him an email - he'll get back with you rather quick.