Mike Dandridge is the creator of the Customer Experiance FactorBehind the Mike

"You're Fired!"

Fired twice from his first full-time job, Mike Dandridge met failure long before achieving any measure of success. Like all of us, Mike is a composite of his failures and his achievements. From those early experiences came a life-long fascination with human potential. Fascination led to a transformational journey. Watch Mike's online video introduction and you'll feel like you know him as a friend.

Before becoming a full-time speaker and author Mike enjoyed a twenty-four year career in sales and marketing in the industrial sector. While still employed by Rexel Inc., he grew a struggling electrical supply house in a small central Texas town into the most profitable location in the nation within twelve months. That success became the inspiration for his book, "The One Year Business Turnaround."

The book led to an invitation from Rexel's vice-president for Mike to speak at the annual conference of corporate executives and managers. Encouraged by the response he received from his company audience, Mike was ready for a new challenge. So, leaving behind the security of a "day job," he offered his services to the world at large. Now he spends his time speaking and writing about the "Personal Experience Factor" (opens blog in new window) in Customer Experience Architecture.

Official Wizard of Ads Partner

Mike Dandridge is a partner in the Wizard of Ads © (opens new window) marketing firm founded by Roy H. Williams, the man who introduced him to the PEF. Today Mike specializes in evaluating the Personal Experience Factor in a business and making recommendations for designing compelling customer experiences.

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It's recommended you read his latest book, Facing Goliath: Overcoming Predator-Competitors. You'll have an even better understanding of what Mike can do for you.